“Trust has been undermined, there will be no more restrictions without logic”


Five months after the outbreak of the plague in Israel, the corona projector Prof. Roni Gamzo presented this evening (Tuesday) the national plan to eradicate the corona – “Magen Israel”, at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem. Gamzo announced that the IDF would receive the authority to cut off the contagion chains, and as first reported on Ynet, Defense Minister Gantz confirmed that the establishment of the headquarters for truncating the contagion chain in the IDF had begun. Gamzo emphasized: “The new contract – masks, distance and minimum restrictions.”

The event was attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Gantz Health Minister Yuli Edelstein, Deputy Health Minister Yoav Kish, Health Ministry Director General Professor Hezi Levy, Public Health Services Minister Sharon Elroi, Professor Avi Simhon and Prime Minister Tzachi Braverman.

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Prof. Roni Gamzo Screenshot: GPO

Netanyahu spoke first and said: “We are working on several fronts. On the security front, your eyes see, on the economic front, many actions, extending unemployment benefits, the IDF, helping businesses and the self-employed, the grant for Israeli citizens and other programs on the way. Last week we appointed Prof. Roni Gamzo together as the national corona projector and today he will present a program. I expect all government ministers to give backing to this plan and I expect all Israeli citizens, without exception, to cooperate with it. ”

As first reported, Ganz announced that the IDF had already begun establishing a headquarters for amputating the contagion chain: “For several days now, with the coordination of the Chief of Staff, the IDF has begun establishing a headquarters for amputating the contagion chain. “The IDF knows how to take advantage of wars and it knows how to defeat the plague.”

Health Minister Edelstein said: “Today we are going into another battle, we are going into a battle on good foundations of the Ministry of Health, the IDF and government ministries with a stronger system with doctors and nurses being absorbed these days.”

Gamzo clarified: “I had to prepare the plan quickly, make a situation assessment and think about what we should do. We saw a decline in trust and this caused a situation where the plague rose. On the part of the government the new contract is transparency, professionalism, matter-of-fact and sharing “I am responsible, I will not let there be restrictions here that will hurt the economy and there is no logic in them.”

He added: “The most important thing is that we ourselves must carry out a more effective amputation of the contagion chain. I’m sorry but today it does not happen. Sorry the health system and the Ministry of Health – it is not ours. This is not medicine this is an operation and this is engineering It. He has the technological capabilities and tools. That means a lot more testing, but shortening the time for everything. ”

Gamzo showed data that in countries in the United States where the rate of mask-wearing was low, morbidity rose: “I appeal to children, tell Dad and Mom to put on a mask. We do not intend to change the obligation to wear masks in public. I am sure it can be done, the disease can be eradicated.” .

Regarding the use of the closure he said: “Any use of the word closure is sacred, it is a powerful step, do not rush to close here or there.”

Earlier it was reported that Gamzo promotes the distribution of localities in Israel according to morbidity levels, according to which restrictions on residents and trade will be adjusted.

The outline known as the “traffic light model” has not yet been finalized, but suggests that in red cities, where morbidity is at the highest level, business and commerce will be restricted, while in green cities public restrictions will be more permissive.

Already upon taking office last weekend, Gamzo said his goal is to differentiate between localities and cities according to morbidity levels, and apply guidelines to them accordingly. In addition, according to the proposed model and in accordance with his preference for transferring powers to the Ministry of Defense, the Home Front Command’s supervision of the red localities will be tighter – and the IDF is also expected to receive a designated budget for this.

At the same time, Gantz instructed the IDF and the defense establishment to work for the establishment of the “Corona Headquarters” under the Home Front Command. Ganz said in a preliminary discussion with Prof. Gamzo that “every effort should be made to interrupt the chain of infection, continue to reduce morbidity and thus prevent closure in the country. The IDF knows how to defeat enemies with security and will also know how to defeat the corona. The security system is prepared for these tasks and knows how to find all the necessary solutions in the operational effort. ”

Meanwhile, against the background of the threat of the owners of the morning halls to open their businesses as early as next week, even if no approval is received, the environment of Health Minister Yuli Edelstein clarifies that there will be no change in the guidelines regarding the event halls. “There will be no flexibility, and a change in guidelines is not currently on the table,” Edelstein’s entourage clarified in light of the many contagion chains that began in the event halls that opened last month. In addition, the recommendation to limit the gatherings to 10 people will probably remain the same.

In addition, Deputy Health Minister Yoav Kish said in the afternoon in response to a question from MK Miki Levy in the Knesset plenum regarding restrictions on pools: “The trend is to determine the situation and see where we are going. Can the disease be reduced? Right now the guideline is not to change to see where it goes. Freeze a situation, do not want changes that will confuse the public again. If it seems possible to release – we will release, and if we have to make it worse – we will get worse. “

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