Trump’s wrath over the EU, attempted by retaliation – North America


A setback, an affront from Brussels. The exclusion of the USA from the list of countries whose travelers will be able to enter Europe again is likely to be experienced in the White House. A slap that burns for Donald Trump, already besieged on a thousand fronts and that sees the hostile media unleashed once more: “Even the Chinese will be able to enter the Old Continent”, the rebuke against an administration accused of not having known absolutely handle the pandemic. Yet the EU has been clear in explaining how the decision on who to do or not to enter has no political nuance, but is solely linked to health safety criteria. Moreover, in some countries the peak of the infections is still too high to risk. And in the US, there have been an average of 40,000 new cases per day in the past week. And it does not help the alarm of the last hours launched in Congress by the virologist Anthony Fauci: “The new cases in the US could reach 100 thousand a day, with risks for the whole country”.


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