Trump like Berlusconi, a sad chapter in the history of the United States


The interplay between Italy and America will be the background for the first TV series directed by Luca Guadagnino, a Sky-HBO project produced by The Apartment and Wildside entitled We Are Who We Ar, that we will see here in Italy in October 2020, right on Sky. Composed of eight episodes, the protagonists are two American teenagers, a story of formation that focuses on friendship, first loves and that tangle of mysteries called adolescence.

La trama di We are who we are

The series is set in Veneto, where the fourteen year old shy and introverted New Yorker Fraser (Jack Dylan Grazer) is moving with mother Sarah (Chloë Sevigny) and partner Maggie (Alice Braga), both serving in the U.S. Army. Tom mercier is Jonathan, an assistant to Sarah. In the Venetian military base Fraser finds Caitlin (Jordan Kristine Seamón) apparently bold and self-assured teenager who has lived with her family in the base for years and speaks Italian.

Variety’s interview with Guadagnino

In an interview with Variety, Guadagnino explained the intent of his project, which will naturally remember the experiences of Call me by your name, his success in which the intertwining between America and Italy was repeated, which was, in essence, the leitmotif of his life. “I am very interested in the behavior of these characters”, explained the director and showrunner of the series, which tells the sense of the choice of setting the series on a military base: “I thought of bringing the narrative to a micro-America that represented a part for the whole. I proposed the military world thinking that, as said to Lorenzo Mieli, if it should go well next time we could take the story to another base. It could be anywhere, in Japan or in Africa. ”

The series is set in 2016, during the period of the American presidential elections that led to the election of Donald Trump: “The effects of the 2016 elections are felt today – explains Guadagnino – The transition from Obama’s presidency to that of Trump has shaken the world, is something that people have not seen coming and with which they are still dealing with. It must be said that just as Berlusconi was the autobiography of Italy, Trump can be seen as a sad chapter in the autobiography of the United States. ”

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