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Trump called Biden “incapable” of leading the United States – also answered whether he intended to accept the election result – Abroad


Trump has given Fox News an interview that covers a number of different current topics.

US president Donald Trump called his presidential counterpart Joe Biden “Incapable” of leading the country.

“Biden can’t put two sentences together,” Trump said.

– When asked questions, he reads the answers from the teleprompter and then goes back to his basement.

Trump gave To Fox News dealing with a number of different topics interview, which was released on Sunday. Trump repeatedly questioned Biden’s sharpness, the interviewer Chris Wallace asked Trump if Biden Trump thought he was senile.

– I don’t want to say that. I would say he is incapable of being president. To be president you have to be sharp and tough and so many other things. He doesn’t even come out of his basement, Trump said, and then told a sprawling description of how Biden doesn’t know he’s alive.

Trump said Biden can’t stand tough interviews.

– Let Biden sit through an interview like this, and he sinks to the floor to cry for his mother. She says, “Mom, Mom, take me home”.

Trump also said that if Biden is elected president, he will “destroy this country,” the news agency AFP reported.

Bidenistä the interview shifted to addressing the presidential election in general. According to Trump, the Democratic-run postal vote “messes up the election,” and the interviewer asked the president if he would accept the election result in November, even if the defeat came.

– It remains to be seen … I’m not just going to say yes. I’m not going to say no, and I didn’t say the last one, Trump replied, referring to the 2016 presidential election.

When Trump was asked during the last election whether he would accept the election result, Trump replied that he would accept a clear election result, but still retains the right to take legal action if he thinks the result is questionable.

– Of course, I would accept a clear election result, Trump said in October 2016.

Koronaviruspandemian about treatment, Trump told Fox News, among other things, that as he had previously predicted, the virus would one day disappear.

– I’m right in the end.

The president also speculated that the fact that more coronavirus infections are being reported in the United States all the time is due to the fact that so many coronary tests are being performed.

– No country has ever done the same as we did in terms of testing. We are the object of envy in the world.

He said people should look at how many corona infections can be found in Europe, for example. Wallace replied that not as many new cases of corona have been detected in the United States across the EU.

– They’re not testing, Trump exclaimed.

– Would it be possible that the viral situation in Europe is not as bad as here? Wallace asked.

– They’re not testing! That is possible here. We find cases of the virus, and many of them are healing themselves, Trump replied, calling for allegations that the coronavirus situation in the United States is particularly bad. fake newsiksi.

Trump assured him that he is not ordering Americans to use the mask to curb the spread of the coronavirus. He said people need to retain “a certain kind of freedom”.

The United States is the worst crown-ravaged state in the world. A total of more than 3.7 million infections and more than 140,000 coronary deaths have been confirmed in the country, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The Fox News interview covered, among other things, protests that erupted over black oppression, the corona pandemic, and the U.S. economic situation.

of black Americans George Floydin post-mortem protests have continued in many places in the United States for more than 50 days. Politico saysthat Wallace presented Trump with statistics showing that blacks are twice as likely to be shot and killed by police as whites.

– In Minneapolis, over the past five years, police use of force against blacks was seven times more common than against whites. Can you understand why it annoys blacks? Wallace asked.

– Of course I can. Of course. Many whites are also killed, Trump replied.

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