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Favorite: 4 Lovetown competes in a great mood and will be able to win for it if the run is successful. Vermossa 5./6. in Mikkeli, the ruin, which had a hard end, was missed in Mikkeli. This time the starting positions are so good that it is aimed at the bow. Ruuna is able to succeed elsewhere and start as our favorite.

Challengers: 9 Ulk Delle Selve was magnificent in Vermo and won easily even having to circle alongside the bow horse on the Front Straight. The stallion is doing the same now. 6 Great has sought appropriate harmony for this period. Ruuna has taken a lot of starting bags, which is why it did not invest at all in Kouvola, for example. In Lahti, the five-year-old jumped at the beginning and then walked comfortably in the semi-finals of the Suur-Hollola race. It would be great for a quick start, but right now it’s hardly trying to work wonders in the beginning. 7 Questionmark Me is able to run a lot with a suitable run. In Turku, the trip was successful and Ruuna won the lead easily in the end. Ruuna can travel well from behind the car.

Surprises: 8 Tumble Dryer has started positively from Niko Jokela. Last time the stallion did a matter of fact with another without traction. 5 Spade Ace Frido returns from a break and has sometimes made even objective performances in his first race. The victory would be a surprise as well as another break for the returnee 2 Don Corleone Trotin under. Ruuna is a strong goer and can be reached from a great place. 1 North Star Club not surrendered among the first. In terms of abilities, the mare is better than her board.

Game Breakdown: Lovetown (16%) is definitely the best brand.

The race path of travel: Lovetown, Questionmark Me and Mainio are the fastest in the front row. The latter barely invests in the start and Questionmark Me is likely to aim for a pretty back run in a small start, so Lovetown will advance to the lead.

IS game recommendation – Toto5-1

Small: 4, 9, 6, 7, 8

Large: 4


Favorite: 7 Tapsan Toivo won in Teivo from the bow for similar positions, and again this time the stallion strives to lead the start from start to finish. Based on Vermo’s start, the condition is good, as the five-year-old rose to the top even after the starting shot. However, the jump just before the finish took the place on the highest podium. In an intact run, the stallion is seen involved in the victory battle.

Challengers: 8 Lentoemo is experiencing a top-notch driver change. The mare finished hard in Teivo after getting free from the 5th inside and last time the mare forced the 3rd from the outside to be number one. Of course, the opponent’s gallop on the finish line helped. One of the omissions is the Plus and Lentoemo is also part of the games. 1 pushed Pilpo galloped in Pori at the beginning and then circled the bow, from which the rune no longer surrendered. In Forssa it galloped both at the beginning and the last straight, but still finished first in a very colorful start. The gallop risk is still considerable, but with an intact run, the rudder is currently capable of strong performance. 10 Tilun Taru was not enough in Pori, but there was something left to do in Härmä when the mare took the shot at the finish line as she curved the fight.

Surprises: 3 Ferdinand is a volt-sticky opener and there is no rocket behind the ruun car, but that output is better suited to it than volt-coils. The condition is stable, as the five-year-old, who has run into a leader alongside the leader in Jyväskylä, rose virtually to third place in Pori. 5 With tutors has been driven in recent starts for sure to trot. In Pori, it finished the last meters quite matter-of-factly and Kaustinen was simply too hard to face it. The mare’s racing excitement is starting to subside and the horse is able to bite from the last starts – after all, it is a young goer with only a few starts.

Game Breakdown: Correctly played.

The race path of travel: Tapsan Toivo seeks leadership in his name. Tutuks or Pilpo Backpack seeks the place of death.

IS game recommendation – Toto5-2

Small: 7, 8, 1, 10, 3, 5

Large: 7, 8, 1, 10, 3, 5, 11, 9


Favorite: In the third place 5 Cheri Sane stands out. It has been a very convincing lead and is supposed to be a clear favorite on its way to the present day. In Teivo’s race the horse was very good from behind on the full distance and showed that the number of meters does not matter much. Cheri Sane is the fastest in the front row and gets to the top of his mind.

Haastajat: 4 Langen’s Cha Cha in Pori in June made a very risky performance at the scene of his death and lastly continued his strong performances with his strong chirp from the outside. The victory came easily in the end. The mare is not a rocket at the beginning, but manages to land strongly. 11 Credit To Love won in Teivo with a good back trip and was a businesslike bow in Vermo. In the last hard Toto75 start, the rune tried to tighten his back in the third, but that day was not enough for the better. This time, the task is more appropriate, but still not a pass-through thing when a couple of very hard-going goers start from the front row.

Surprises: 10 Quartam de Victor galloped (entry is missing from the program information) a second time at Teivo at the beginning and then walked perfectly, getting closer to Ghiotti. Last, the rune rose from the 4th outside to the victory match, from where the horse took the race on the finish line. With an intact run, a good investment is acceptable. 6 Nemea Facade is a good horse in his series, but from a break it is an unhelpful challenger position. 1 Daddy Boy was flat in Riihimäki. There was a lot of petrification left, and one might be sought in the form of shoelessness. The balance is therefore worth monitoring.

Game Breakdown: No game distortions.

The race path of travel: Cheri Sane looks at the bows and Langen’s Cza Cza is likely to turn around next to this. The pace of travel is steadily brisk.

IS Game Recommendation – Toto5-3

Small: 5, 4

Large: 5, 4, 11, 10, 6, 1, 9, 12


Favorite: 1 Blade Runner Dk returned to Joensuu’s winning streak in his second race of the season, winning 2nd from the margin clearly more confidently. The starting point is very challenging this time, according to the coach, and according to him, the bag risk is as high as 50 percent. After a long game, Blade Runner Dk isn’t sure, but a great driver can’t be put to death with a great driver.

Challengers: 5 Exit Fastback limbo in terms of abilities in Seinäjoki from the bow in a rather heavy way. The stallion is a quick opener and can be clearly better as a talented goer. 10 Marcos Gallon has done mostly good runs this season even though he last stayed far from the top 2. outside. The starting point is a clear minus for the strip opener who has had the best bow or tip feel. 8 Fox Lover rose perfectly second in Vermo from 2nd outside and got under the start. On a successful trip, it struggles at the top end.

Surprises: 11 Bravo Cencello won the lead behind Teivo. Last time in Jyväskylä, it was left in a queue when it was attacked from behind. It was worthwhile, as space came in the final curves at the time of the count and in the finish line the ruun was number one. From these positions, victory would require a top speed. 3 Baron Box is more strong than fast. The condition is good, because in Vermo, the stallion, who was fourth in the last pair, placed his first straight gallop in Seinäjoki. 4 Almost One Year looked good in Lahti inside the 4th and the church was very sharp after finding space. 7 Brainy started with a steady performance 3. from the outside. 2 Langen’s Greyhound last got an intact start under 4th outside. During the trip, the stallion was leathery, but the finish line was still comfortable.

Game Breakdown: Blade Runner Dk (40%) is overplayed and not sure.

The race path of travel: Exit Fastback looks at the bows and pulls steadily briskly.

IS Game Recommendation – Toto5-4

Small: 1, 5, 10, 8

Large: 1, 5, 10, 8, 11, 3, 4, 7, 2, 6, 9


Favorite: We raise the decision destination as a favorite 8 Yank Matchin. One omission is the Plus for the stallion, who, as a quick opener, seeks out the lead from these stations as well. From there, the horse has been the best and also took its previous victory. Even in Vermo, the horse was good after tightening 3rd from the outside to third in the back pairs, of which the horse has not been at its best. The victory was taken by Tanpopo, who was soloing in the bow. This time, the task seems appropriate for the names.

Challengers: 3 Prodigy Shark started in Seinäjoki in the bow and later released Joseph Boko in front of him. In the end, Runa challenged this well. Last came the starting bag. The six-year-old is a good opener, but still the best on his back. The favorite traction aid will be valid if the rune is able to respond to this at the beginning. 2 Albino Brave can also be comfortably traveled. In Turku, the rune came to the bow, but could not pass 10 Erna’s Kingin. The end Albino Brave came well and struggled to the last to win. The condition is in good shape.

The surprise: The starting point is minus fast 11 Black Emperorille, who would have traveled briskly from the front row. The lapel that won from the bow in Lappe would have struggled in Lahti from three places upwards if the gallop had not come from behind in the final curve. 1 Bwt Crusader did not get the full opportunity in Turku from inside 4. and some forces could not be used. 7 Carbon Crystal improve a little quietly and has not yet met the coach’s expectations this season.

Game Breakdown: Yank Match (23%) is the best sure Toto5 game.

The race path of travel: Yank Match shakes the lead from the outside past Prodigy Shark and Albino Braven, one of whom remains in the place of death.

IS Game Recommendation – Toto5-5

Small: 8

Large: 8

IS-game Recommendation

Toto5-1: 4, 9, 6, 7, 8
Toto5-2: 7, 8, 1, 10, 3, 5
Toto5-3: 5, 4
Toto5-4: 1, 5, 10, 8
Toto5-5: 8
Price: € 24.00

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Toto5-1: 4
Toto5-2: 7, 8, 1, 10, 3, 5, 11, 9
Toto5-3: 5, 4, 11, 10, 6, 1, 9, 12
Toto5-4: 1, 5, 10, 8, 11, 3, 4, 7, 2, 6, 9
Toto5-5: 8
Price: € 70.40

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The probability Reviews

4 Lovetown 25%
9 Ulk Delle Selve 22%
6 Great 21%
7 Questionmark Me 18%
8 Tumble Dryer 4%
5 Spade Ace Frido 3%
2 Don Corleone Trot 3%
1 Club Nord Star 2%
10 Fordaluvachocolate 1%
3 Tour Knight 1%

7 Tapsan Toivo 35%
8 Flight 22%
1 Pilpo pushed 13%
10 Tilun Taru 10%
3 Ferdinand 8%
5 Tutuks 4%
11 Mattilan Touho 3%
9 Airfreight 2%
12 Larvan Plate 1%
2 Magic Trumpet 1%
4 Women Toivo 1%
6 Sillankorvan Toivo 0%

5 Cheri Sane 35%
4 Langen’s Cza Cza 28%
11 Credit To Love 14%
10 FOUR Victor 8%
6 Nemea Facade 4%
1 Daddy Boy 3%
12 Paddock’s Star 2%
9 Club Nord Chip 2%
2 Catahecassa Zest 1%
3 Visionary 1%
7 Västerbo Locksmith 1%
8 Wild Card S 1%

1 Blade Runner DK 24%
5 Exit Fastback 20%
10 Marcos Gallon 13%
8 Fox Lover 12%
11 Bravo Sencello 7%
3 Baron Box 7%
4 Almost One Year 6%
2 Langen’s Greyhound 4%
7 Brainy 4%
6 Airborn Bee 2%
9 Master As 1%
12 Bernetta 0%

8 Yank Match 35%
3 Prodigy Shark 25%
2 Albino Brave 23%
11 Black Emperor 4%
7 Carbon Crystal 3%
1 BWT Crusader 3%
12 Ready Ranch 2%
10 Erna’s King 2%
6 Franklin Web 1,5%
9 Highscore Luca 1%
5 Hurricane Boshoeve 0.5%
4 Mack Swindler 0%

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