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Raise your hand if, at least once in your life, you have not thought of giving up everything and retreating to an uncontaminated place to live away from the noise and frenzy of big cities. Well now you can. But above all it can be done for free. Impossible? No, because in Luserna, in Trentino Alto Adige, a project was born (the call expires on August 3) thanks to which it will be possible to live for four years in an accommodation made available to the Municipality and without incurring any rental expenses.

It is a collaborative living project within the family district of the Magnifica Comunit√† degli Altipiani Cimbri called “Coliving collaborate, share, live”. The project aims to reverse the depopulation trends of this mountain area and envisages the provision of 4 apartments to be furnished owned by Itea spa in the Municipality of Luserna, with a free loan contract (the costs are borne by the tenant) for a period of 4 years. “In return – explain the creators of the project -, the participants will have to commit themselves to the community of Luserna contributing with voluntary activities in favor of the well-being of all”.

The project involves the Magnificent Community of the Cimbri Highlands, the Municipality of Luserna, the Autonomous Province of Trento – Agency for the family, birth rates and youth policies and the House Policies Office of the Health and Social Policies Department – Franco Demarchi and Itea Foundation . The general objectives of “Coliving” are: to encourage the repopulation of the territory, to support the autonomy of young people, to use the form of coliving as a strategic tool for the enhancement of public real estate assets, to strengthen or give life to new social networks.

How does it work

After the first 4 years on free loan, the nuclei will be able to enter into a lease contract with ITEA according to the forms provided for by the provincial legislation in force (if in possession of the requirements, at a sustainable fee or agreed upon in relation to the ICEF indicator of the nucleus). The call expires on August 3, 2020 and is aimed specifically at 4 young families, with or without children. The main requirements to participate are: the applicant must be under 40; he must not have resided in the territory of the Magnifica Comunità degli Altipiani Cimbri for at least 2 years; the family must reach at least a minimum income (more details in the announcement).

An oasis of peace

Luserna, a village of 300 inhabitants, is the ideal place to find peace and tranquility, where silence reigns supreme and the days pass slowly: it is located between Folgaria, Passo Vezzena and Lavarone, and can be reached right through the capital of the Magnifica Comunità of the Cimbri Highlands.

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