Tremendous awakening for Aurier: murdered his brother in Toulouse, he was 26 years old


At dawn with gunfire. He played in local amateurs

(ANSA) – PARIS, JULY 13 – Christopher Aurier, brother of Tottenham’s Ivorian footballer Serge Aurier, was shot dead this morning at dawn in Toulouse, south-west France. It was learned from police sources. When rescuers arrived at the scene of the murder, Christopher Aurier, 26, was seriously injured in the abdomen shortly after 5 in an industrial area on the outskirts. He died immediately after being transported to the hospital. The person who shot him is still on the run, according to police, who have opened an investigation. Younger brother of the well-known footballer, who also played in the PSG, Christopher Aurier also played but in the amateur championships, currently with Toulouse Rodéo, in the 5th division. He had started his career with a training at Lens, like his brother Serge, without being able to switch to professionalism. He was known to the police for small crimes. (HANDLE).


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