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Holidaymakers who have traveled to Croatia through a tour company can be brought back home if they wish.

People who would soon be traveling to the country can count on a voucher, money back or have to rebook their flight. The travel advice for the country changed from code yellow to orange on Tuesday afternoon.

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With orange, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all unnecessary trips to the country or area. Travel organizations no longer carry out trips to the destination and have an obligation to repatriate travelers for a package or combined trip.

Picked up

TUI Netherlands currently has around 600 travelers in Croatia, the majority of whom are on site by private transport. “We will urgently advise travelers who stay in Croatia with their own transport to leave the country,” said a TUI spokesperson. Travelers who booked a package holiday at TUI are expected to be picked up on Wednesday or Thursday. People who only booked a flight ticket via TUI can also use this pick-up flight, according to the organization.

Travelers who have booked a trip to Croatia via Sunweb will be rebooked to another destination as soon as possible, according to a spokesperson. “If people who are already in Croatia want to return home, we will take care of that. Not every guest wants that immediately, so it is not the case that they have to leave now, ”says Sunweb.


A spokesperson for D-Reizen and VakantieXperts calls it especially annoying for the travelers who now have to deal with the changed color code. “The whole tune starts all over again,” said the spokesman. “That is disastrous for confidence in travel. The people we are now rebooking had just been rebooked to Croatia after a previously canceled trip. ” Travelers who are on holiday in Croatia via D-Reizen can also count on repatriation.

People in Croatia are urged “urgently” by the Ministry to quarantine for a fortnight on their return. The infection rate in the country with 4 million inhabitants has increased, according to the ministry.

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