Transport Online – Gommers: no need to panic about rising infections


THE HAGUE – The Netherlands does not have to panic immediately now that the number of infections is increasing. That says Diederik Gommers, chairman of the Association for Intensive Care, in an interview with the AD. “Our GGDs know what they are doing, on the IC we are also further than in March.”

He points out that there are hardly any new corona patients in hospitals so far. “It’s just quiet, with fewer than twenty Covid patients on ICs in the Netherlands for a long time.”

The chairman emphasized that the hospitals are expanding their capacity to handle a new influx. “We are working hard on it. The intensive care departments are planning to expand to 1,700 beds. By default, Dutch hospitals together have 1150 IC places, although not all of them are immediately available due to a shortage of nurses. 1700, and on paper it should even be 2400 in case of crisis. ”

According to Gommers, a lot of knowledge has now been gained about the operation of the virus. “With everything we know and have now the pressure on the ICs will have to decrease, we are less likely to see people in intensive care.”

According to him, knowledge about the use of certain drugs, such as anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone, has increased. “It works for very sick corona patients. Mortality is reduced by thirty percent, a British study showed. When people take that, they end up on IC less quickly, and they need less oxygen in the regular hospital ward.”


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