Transfer market, there is the return of Spalletti


The club is experiencing a negative season and is starting to evaluate changes for the next vintage: there may be a sensational return!

Daniele De Rossi (Getty Images)

There is still a month to go until the end of the A league but many teams already know they have to make changes for the next vintage. In the last few hours, there seems to have been an acceleration of the Fiorentina for the new coach, who will most likely be Daniele de Rossi and at the end of the season he should replace Beppe Iachini.

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So Luciano is still free Spalletti and the circle of possible teams that could bet on him tightens. At this point, a return to can not be excluded Rome: the Giallorossi are experiencing a negative season and Paulo Fonseca could say goodbye as early as August.

Milan transfer market
Luciano Spalletti (Getty Images)

Much will also depend on the evolution of the situation in Europa League, but at the moment the Portuguese technician is in the balance and who knows if there is another return of Spalletti, especially in the event that the change of ownership takes place.


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