train hits them and is likely to derail


A sabotage that caused a delay of 150 minutes for passengers who had to reach Roma el ‘Abruzzo. An iron bench and marble blocks were placed in the middle of the track of the Rome – Sulmona line near the Salone station, where the Roma field is a stone’s throw away and where all the benches were torn. There it is very common to find strollers and other junk in the middle of the railway. The train that traveled on the Rome Prenestina towards Rome at that time, it was last Friday 10 July, at 5:20 pm he violently impacted the bench and the driver had to activate the emergency brake.

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The circulation was immediately suspended due to investigations by the Judicial Authority which found the block of marble on the rails at the Salone; investigates the Polfer who acquired the video surveillance images and proceeds to interruption of public service and damage. They are not injured. Trains to Pescara recorded delays of up to 150 minutes in the following four hours and 10 regional ones were canceled and two limited in the route.

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What is certain is that it seems an organized action in all respects because an initial act resulted in a malicious act. The train could also have been derailed. The collision broke the air duct that operates the brake and the train stopped. IS It should be noted that the railways have invested heavily in safety, making the track area inaccessible from the outside. But the fact is that in order to reach the track where to place those blocks with the intent to create inconvenience, there are those who managed to climb over all the barriers and place the artifacts.

The railway emergency team immediately intervened on the spot to restore the damaged section and to secure the locomotive that risked exploding.

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