Traffic jams are expected on Friday and Saturday due to holiday traffic


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Image: ANP

On Friday and Saturday, the ANWB expects that there will be a lot of traffic jams in the Netherlands due to holiday traffic.

The crowds on the roads probably start on Friday morning and continue until the end of the afternoon. On Saturday it will be busy again with people who go to holiday resorts, according to the ANWB.

The ANWB thinks it is busier on the domestic roads than in previous years, because more people choose to go on holiday in their own country. Most traffic jams are expected in the east and south of the country. It is probably the busiest in the direction of the German border and in Zeeland.

Crowds are also expected in Germany and France. In Germany mainly towards the north of the country. On the French roads, the crowds will mainly be reflected on the roads to the west and south of France.

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