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A find to shake the wrists of all racing Toyota fans. The TOM’s Racing team, specialized in the development of the sports models of the Japanese car manufacturer and active in the Japanese Super GT, Super Formula, Super Formula Lights and FIA F4 competitions, has unearthed the legendary Toyota Supra in Castrol livery protagonist of the Japanese super tourism championship in 1998. A car, to say the least, mythical, in the land of the Rising Sun, emblem of infinite sports battles between Toyota and Nissan, which at the turn of the 90s and 2000s were the protagonists of an unprecedented rivalry.

To return to the glories of the past, the car needs a careful and expensive restoration. Reason why TOM’s Racing has decided to launch one fundraising campaign on Makuake, the Japanese crowdfunding digital platform. With a simple click, anyone can donate a sum and contribute to the achievement of the target, set at $ 466,000. This will be enough to bring the bodywork back to shine and hear the engine of this rare Toyota Supra roar again, disappeared from the radars for years and recently found in a state of complete abandonment in a warehouse in the Chugoku region, Japan.

The experts of TOM’s Racing have already divided the restoration by steps, identifying three phases, each of which will have a specific budget. The first 93,000 euros raised will be spent on a complete restoration of the bodywork and interior. To restart the car and make the mechanics perfectly efficient, however, another $ 279,000 will be needed. The remainder, up to the $ 466,000 cap, will be invested in one very elaborate setup at the end of which the car will be able to return to burn the asphalt of the Japanese tracks. The Supra of the TOM’s Racing team debuted in theAll-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship of 1995, literally battling against the Nissan Skyline, rivals of a thousand battles on the circuits of the Rising Sun. To increase performance, Toyota replaced the 2JZ engine derived from the standard version with the same 2 liter turbo with 493 horsepower which equipped the Toyota Celica then engaged in the World Rally Championship.

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