towards transfer to military hospitals in Rome


Tension rises in Calabria after the landing of 70 migrants, including 28 tested positive for Covid. After the protests in Amantea and the threats of the president of the Calabria Region, Jole Santelli, the government is considering moving positive migrants to two military facilities in Rome. The idea is to take them either to the Celio or to the Cecchignola. The hypothesis, reported by the Messenger, is being examined by the Interior Ministry and the government, which are studying this possible solution. The hypothesis of a quarantine ship to be placed off the Calabrian coast also remains standing, as it happens in Sicily with the Moby Zazà.

In any case the government must act with emergency procedures, aiming to resolve the situation quickly. And also for this reason the idea of ​​Celio or Cecchignola could be useful. These are two Roman structures already used in recent months, in the midst of the emergency. And that they have responded well to the health crisis, so much so that the patients have all recovered and there has been no contagion between the health personnel who operated in the two structures.

The protest in Amantea for the arrival of migrants

Meanwhile, yesterday, the protest in Amantea (in the Cosenza area), where 24 migrants were transferred to a facility, including 13 positive ones, from Bangladesh (and not, apparently, from Pakistan as a result at first). Some citizens blocked the highway, even lying on the ground until evening. On the other hand, 24-hour surveillance was placed in front of the structure that houses the migrants, which means that no one can leave and no one can enter the center, except for the medical staff.

Santelli threatens the government: ready to ban landings

Amantea’s 13 positives are part of the 70 who arrived in Roccella Jonica in the past few days: in total there were 28 cases of Coronavirus among them. The situation worries the president Santelli, who appeals to the government asking to set up a quarantine ship in the Regions most affected by the landings, just as is happening in Sicily. Otherwise, it’s Santelli’s threat, “I will not hesitate to act“. How? “By prohibiting landings in Calabria”, Says the President of the Region. Which continues: “I have an obligation to defend the Calabrians and those who have chosen to spend their holidays in Calabria”.

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