Torino have a treasure trove, but an injection of confidence must be sought with Inter


Five points more than Lecce and four more than Genoa are for the Torino a treasure that allows you to face theInter knowing that in case of defeat the fifth-last place would remain such and above all the advantage would remain on those who desperately try to gnaw points to avoid relegation since the pursuers have already played, but would project on the next games the obligation to always score points by charging the players grenade of result anxiety. It would therefore be necessary that Torino tonight at San Siro not to lose in order to be able to face in particular Genoa, which presses him, and subsequently also the Fiorentina, who is in a situation just a little better than his and currently has two points more, with an injection of confidence due precisely to not having been defeated by Inter.

Compared to games with Juventus e Lazio the one with Inter, at least on paper, is less prohibitive because the nerazzurri have in fact lost the possibility of contending the scudetto for the bianconeri and having eleven points more than Roma, who have already played this round of the championship, seven days from the end they put a mortgage on the landing in the Champions League and at most they can try to place themselves instead of fourth place in third or second position, but this would not change much the judgment on their season already now considered by most a little below expectations. Moreover, in the Inter home there is a not completely serene climate due to the tension both between a part of the players and Conte both between the coach and the property not entirely satisfied with how it is going this season and with certain expressions of the technician not quite satisfied with both the summer and winter markets.

Turin, although much weaker than Inter, has the possibility of wedging itself in the cracks of the Nerazzurri to leverage and make up for the quality gap. The motivations for the grenade are not lacking and not even the appeal for a game that if ended with the conquest of points would remain a flagship in this unfortunate season and would help to accumulate those points that bring arithmetic salvation closer. The Meazza stage is a great showcase for the Torino players and exploiting it would put them in the spotlight that so far have lit up more for their demerits than for their abilities. The match with Inter has a decidedly high difficulty rate for Torino, but it is a great opportunity to demonstrate that there is the character and determination to compete with those who are still at the top of Italian football and attend the international one with assiduity . If the motivation to score points is not enough, at least stimulate that of trying to triumph for those in the elite of football.



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