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Top violinist Jaakko Kuusisto has a brain tumor – “Probably malignant” – Entertainment


Kuusisto says he suffered from mild symptoms over the summer, such as fatigue, irritability, headaches, and occasional confusion in words.

Conductor, composer and violinist Jaakko Kuusisto says on Facebook that he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor that the musician says is “probably malignant”.

– During the summer, I experienced a mild, diffuse symptoms such as fatigue and irritability, mild headaches, and occasional freak-outs in words, Kuusisto writes.

He says that he went to a doctor in Savonlinna last week, from where he was sent to Lappeenranta for magnetic resonance imaging. He says the results came on Wednesday morning, and on Thursday morning he met the neurosurgeon who made the diagnosis at Oulu University Central Hospital.

– The only good news is that it is accessible by cutting, in the right front block and possibly mainly on the surface. The surgery will be in just over 2 weeks, Kuusisto says.

Kuusisto says he wants to report the matter right away so that “inaccurate rumors” don’t start circulating. According to him, the situation will lead to cancellations of gigs and other work in the short and possibly also in the long term.

– The only thing I can be happy about at the moment is that I realized (with Maija’s help) to go to the doctor with even mild symptoms. See people in the doctor whenever something happens, Kuusisto urges.

Kuusisto his career as a musician began in the 1990s as a violinist, and he succeeded in several international competitions. He is one of the most frequently recorded Finnish instrumentalists, and has also recorded outside the classical genre.

As a conductor, Kuusisto’s repertoire is extensive and covers works from Baroque to contemporary music. He has worked as a conductor of numerous domestic and foreign orchestras as well as an opera conductor. Since the autumn of 2018, Kuusisto has been the chief conductor of the Kuopio City Orchestra.

Kuusisto’s compositional production covers almost 40 works, and includes chamber and song music, orchestral works and concerts, film music and operas. The pair of bedrooms The Chamber Chamber Opera and the Camping Opera have received a lot of performances in recent years, and the whole family opera The Kalevala of dogs has been seen not only at the Savonlinna Opera Festival but also in Naantali, Oulu and Kuopio.

Kuusisto has also done a lot of arrangement and orchestration work. The Beatles and Queen concert ensembles for the internationally renowned vocal ensemble Rajattomaa and Sinfonia Lahti, among others, are the handiwork of Kuusisto.

Currently, Kuusisto is the artistic director of the Oulu Music Festival. The President of the Republic awarded Jaakko Kuusisto the Pro Finlandia Medal in 2017.

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