top model receives mega fine and community service


With an estimated net worth of approximately $ 25 million, Bar Refaeli is having a nice time. With such power you would say that you don’t have to cheat. However, the Israeli top model has done this and she has also been caught. In the meantime, the judge has delivered a judgment and community service plus a substantial fine are ready.

Just like in the Netherlands, you also have to declare your income neatly in Israel. This also applies to Bar Refaeli, but the model has failed to report millions of shekels of income to the tax authorities. This was discovered and so Bar Refaeli stood before the Israeli court this week and was convicted of tax evasion.

Repay millions

The problem arose in the period 2009-2012. Bar Refaeli, like so many models, worked all over the world. According to Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex. she was also largely abroad during that period. For that reason, the sexiest woman of 2012 did not report her income and expensive gifts to the Israeli tax authorities. Wrongly now appears.

In the end, she managed to make a deal with the prosecutors. Bar Refaeli agreed to a nine-month community service sentence and a fine of 2.5 million shekels. That is less than it sounds. There are about four shekels in one euro, so the fine is converted 638,000 euros. In addition to the fine, she must of course also pay the arrears. This is 8 million shekels (over 2 million euros).

Mother Bar Refaeli in jail

A big financial blow, but also an emotional one. Not only Bar Refaeli herself, her mother also had to appear in court and she got even worse off. In addition to the same fine as her daughter, she also receives a prison sentence of 16 months.

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Community service and mega fine for Israeli top model Bar Refaeli

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