Tobias Ludvigsson from Huskvarna will defend his championship title


It took the professional cyclist Tobias Ludvigsson only 23 minutes to get from home to our meeting place in Lekeryd, where the race starts.

He is in good shape and has recently returned from a training week in the French Alps.

– I have felt good this week in the Alps, so I am clearly aiming for gold, he says.

For the past three years, 29-year-old Tobias has cycled to first place in the Tempo-SM and of course hopes to defend the championship title this weekend.

– I’m all in favor of that.

Tobias Ludvigsson, professional cyclist. Photo: Sandra Wennergren / SVT

Tobias Ludvigsson has been involved in designing the 16-kilometer-long course with his little brother. Ludvigsson’s class runs two laps.

– It is special to drive here. And extra especially because of the corona, but it will be fun to start competing again after a break of almost four months. It has been a bit tough mentally not knowing when the competitions would start again, says professional cyclist Tobias Ludvigsson.

Corona-tested continuously

Once the races start, cyclists are forced to take at least one corona test before each race.

– If we have not been tested in ten days, we must do a new test. Otherwise we are not allowed to compete, he says.

The race is run without an audience, but Tobias says that there is usually not that much audience at the pace races.

– Of course it is sad that there will be a little less people, but we must be happy that it will be a competition.

Nearest plans

This spring, Tobias Ludvigsson has been home for more than a long time, but last July it’s time to travel down to France again. to compete in a stage race for five days.

– I will compete in a stage race for five days. Then I hope for the Tour de France, says Tobias Ludvigsson.

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