“To save the government it is better to go with our yes than with Forza Italia” – Libero Quotidiano


A dinner reserved for the 5 Star Movement on the Mes. With the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of Laura Bottici (commissioner of Palazzo Madama) e Gianluca Castaldi (undersecretary for relations with Parliament), about twenty pentastellate parliamentarians started talking about the government. Present at the returnees – as Il Messenger Paola Taverna and the group leader Gianluca Perilli together with other spokespersons. “In the end, do you know that there is? If there will be a vote for the Mes, it is better that we go with our yes than with Forza Italia. So we will not put the majority at risk and therefore the government” is the thought that spreads between the grillini.

During dinner, everyone agrees with the idea that it is better to “wait for the budget shift that Minister Gualtieri will propose, then let’s see if it will be enough. Certainly if a push on the Mes should come from Europe we could not find ourselves unprepared”. In short, in order to save government and seats, the Movement, or at least some, could betray their ideals. To worry above all the tightness of the majority in the Senate. Here the farewells have torn the pentastellati to pieces. “I don’t know if we hold up at Palazzo Madama” was the outburst of Giuseppe Conte in front of the push of Nicola Zingaretti that on the Save States is accelerating more and more, And precisely in this perspective better that the more pro-Conte grillini run to the rescue.

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