To prosecute the creators of “The Jews Are Coming”


“The Jews Are Coming” (Photo by Michal Efrati)

MKs and public figures sharply attack the creators of the “Jews Are Coming” program and demand an investigation against it, no less, for harming the feelings of the religious public. This is not the first time that the program satirically depicts events from Jewish history He said he tore his clothes following watching sketches from the show and gave some examples: They present Mordecai the righteous as one who tempts Esther to abandon herself. In these things they bring poison and poison to all the spectators, to the children, to the youth who do not know what is really written in the Torah “:

From the “Hidbraut” YouTube channel

MK Moshe Arbel of Shas wrote a letter to the Attorney General over the weekend demanding that an investigation be opened against the program “for the harsh publications that hurt the feelings of millions in Israel, Jews and non-Jews, religious and secular. At the very least, the severe damage to the religious sentiments of many, funded by the Israeli public, will cease from now on. ” Among other things, he mentioned a sketch in which “the actors expressed the name of the explicit name and asked to mock it in various ways.”

B’Tselem also contacted the ombudsman through attorney Arik Kimhi, demanding that an investigation be opened into “gross harm to religious feelings.” He said, “There is no doubt that the purpose of the act is to hurt the religious feelings of millions of believers and to despise their faith and all that is holy and dear to them in public and in the sight of all.” Kimchi demanded that a criminal investigation be opened due to religious insult and gross damage to religious feelings. “There is no doubt that the above case meets the definitions of the law and is healthy because this is the case to which the legislature is directed.”

MK Bezalel Smutrich attacked the satirical TV show on his Twitter account over the weekend and wrote: “There is no place for such a series anywhere in the world, certainly not in the Jewish state.” Smutrich linked the program to the bill to privatize the corporation and said it was a good enough reason to pass the law. : “If it was a series that mocks Islam the whole country would have been on fire long ago. The time has come for us to begin to envy Judaism and the honor of the Lord of the world. ”

Hence it was stated in response: “This is a satire program only and this is how it should be treated.”

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