TMW – SPAL, banner of the fans: “Thanks for everything but respect for us must be honored”



“Thanks for all that you have given us but respect for us must always be honored”. This is the banner of the SPAL fans, addressed to the players, posted this morning outside the sports center in via Copparo.

The Curva Ovest then posted the following press release on their official Facebook page: “Early this morning, before the finishing training, we went to the sports center and talked hard to the team. We reminded them of the history that lies between the thin lines of our shirt and the reasons why they must honor it. We are not interested in relegation, it was an unfortunate season and also studded with mistakes by all, despite this we are aware that going down in the category is leaving the top flight is a ‘ eventuality to be always taken into account for a reality like ours. However, when it does happen, IT IS NECESSARY TO ADDRESS THE SITUATION WITH DIGNITY AND WITH RESPECT IN RESPECT OF THE FANS. A fortiori today that we are forcibly absent.


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