Tisha B’Av: Prof. Gamzo opposes increasing the number of worshipers in synagogues


Conflict between Corona’s commissioner, Professor Roni Gamzo, and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein. Last night (Monday) it was reported that after a meeting with the heads of the ultra-Orthodox factions – Yaakov Litzman and Aryeh Deri – the Minister of Health decided to approve an increase in the number of worshipers in the Tisha B’Av fasting synagogues, which will take place tomorrow evening and Thursday.

The government’s anti – corruption commissioner, Prof. Roni Gamzo, heard the report from the media, and announced that he opposed the move and did not approve it. According to a report this morning in the High Court, Gamzo said that “there was indeed such a request from the Minister of Health but it was not approved. This is not the time to increase crowds inside buildings. ”

The Edelstein bureau tried to calm the spirits, saying that the minister asked for staff work to be done on increasing the number of worshipers, and only then would he discuss it with Professor Gamzo. It was further reported that according to Gamzo, a uniform index should be set for limiting the number of worshipers, with no exceptions at special events. Today, Prof. Gamzo is expected to present a comprehensive plan to fight the corona virus.

(Netanyahu and Edelstein in Prof. Gamzo’s presentation)

The limit on the number of worshipers in synagogues, as in any other closed place, currently stands at 20 people. In most synagogues, quorums were reopened outside, and many remained in the quorums of the courtyards, streets, and neighborhoods to avoid the possibility of contracting the corona virus.

Towards the terrible days, in a little less than two months, there were calls to start preparing, right now, for the long and complex minyanim of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, which are more difficult to organize logistically – cantors, blowing the shofar, places of worship and more. Rabbi Shlomo Hecht, former director general of the Beit Hillel organization, says that “the regular prayer in the synagogues as it was conducted in previous years will endanger us this year. it’s clear. “The restrictive guidelines need to be observed, and synagogues need to do more in terms of enforcement and documentation on the island of prayer, both on the Sabbath and on the Sabbath.”

To the full column of Rabbi Shlomo Hecht, with a practical call for preparation for the prayers of the holy days in the shadow of the corona.

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