TIM, with the new 100 Gbps submarine cable in Sardinia


TIM has announced that it has completed work on a major project: transporting a submarine cable with high transmission potential that connects Il Continente with Sardinia.

The project has the task of supporting one of the two major islands in the connection with the remaining part of Italy, exploiting submarine fiber optic cables capable of supporting speeds up to 100 Gbps. In this way, ultra-broadband will be favored to cope with the request for data increase recorded during the lockdown period linked to the coronavirus.

The solution is part of the National photonic platform, that is, a very high speed network that is structured and made possible by the latest generation of photonic nodes. In detail, up to 800 KM away from the source, data transmission of up to 200 Gbps is guaranteed while, exceeding 800 but remaining within 1800, it passes to 100 Gbps.

The complex submarine system is the largest that an Italian operator has ever created and, once landed, the grating continues for over 16 thousand KM of fiber supporting traffic of over 50 Tbps.

The connection below sea level was made between Civitavecchia and Sassari and, even here, TIM can boast of being the national operator capable of creating long branches that reach 430 km in length, with the first 200 going from Civitavecchia to island of La Maddalena.

“The creation of the new system to guarantee very high capacity connectivity in Sardinia it is further confirmation of TIM’s technological leadership in the design and development of new generation networks. This is a national record that adds further value to the TIM network, These are the words of a satisfied person Michele Gamberini, Chief Technology and Information Officer TIM.

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