Tim discounts the modem to users who activate certain offers


The operator Tim is currently proposing very convenient discounts on the purchase of some modems to customers who decide to activate some internet offers, such as SuperGiga.

Customers that activate certain internet offers in fact, they can decide to simultaneously purchase a modem at a discounted price compared to the list price, in one solution. Let’s find out the details together.

Tim discounts the modem to some users

Let’s start with the offers that allow you to access the discount in question, which are the SuperGiga 20 and SuperGiga 50, both offer Double Giga 40 and 100 Giga respectively per month. The 3-month promo Video Card offer is also valid for the modem discount, which offers the possibility of watching films and TV series in some popular video streaming Apps without consuming the gigabytes of the offer at the price of 5.99 euros per month for 3 months.

From the fourth month the cost goes instead to 9.99 euros per month. Video viewing is allowed at SD quality. A discounted modem can also be purchased simultaneously with the activation of the 3-month free Video Card dedicated exclusively to the new TIM Young activations. The other offers that allow you to access the discount are the Tim International 30 GB Plus and 30 GB D and the Internet 100 GB for 6 months and 200 GB for 1 year.

In detail of the discounts offered, with the activation of SuperGiga 20, SuperGiga 50, Internet 100 GB for 6 months and Internet 200 GB for one year, 3 month promo Video Card and 3 month Free VideoCard it is possible to obtain a discount for the purchase contextual of one of the modems proposed. There promotion which allows the discounted purchase of a TIM modem with one of the offers above is valid until 30 August 2020, except for any extensions. For more details, visit the official website of the operator.

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