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TikTok he returns to the center of decidedly strange situations, as well as potentially problematic for the Chinese social network, which in recent weeks does not seem to find a moment of peace. first Amazon ordered the ban to his employees, then he thought better of it by retracting everything. Let’s try to understand what is happening in these hours, then.

Amazon, the well-known e-commerce giant, sent an email to all its employees forcing them to remove the TikTok app from their smartphones: this happened during the past week, so much so that the deadline for the operation had been set for July 10, 2020; if this had not happened, Amazon would have prohibited the employees in question from accessing the Amazon work email. “Because of security risks, the TikTok app is no longer allowed on mobile devices that access Amazon email. If you have TikTok installed on your device, you must remove it by July 10 to retain mobile access to the Amazon email. ”

The message seemed clear, but here after a few hours Jeff Bezos he thought better of it, explaining that the email in question was sent to their employees by mistake, and making it clear that “there are currently no changes to our policies regarding TikTok”. The situation is unclear, but it is clear instead that something is inexorably moving: does Amazon also begin to consider TikTok a security threat? A form of espionage by potential attackers?

Difficult to pronounce for the moment, and yet Amazon is not the only one to have taken measures (or at least to have tried without conviction) against TikTok: the ban in India is already effective, the same situation in Hong Kong, and Trump threatens the ban also in the United States. Dark times on the horizon, for the ByteDance app, on which we will certainly return to update you.

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