Three wheels on the highway: false move to the Chamber


An amendment that would have allowed these vehicles to circulate on motorways and ring roads also disappears from the relaunch DL

In Italy, due to a Highway Code that does not include them (since it dates back to 1992 and has never been updated, at least in Article 175, with the European vehicle categorisations), the three-wheel tilting vehicles of category L5e they cannot circulate on motorways and ring roads. An old vulnus on which for years he has postponed, without considering any insurance complications in the event of a claim. An amendment would have remedied this small flaw, included in a package of measures to support urban mobility, presented by Luciano Nobili (Iv). However, which was unexpectedly withdrawn on 3 July.


“It is a decision that takes the world of two wheels off guard,” said the president of Confindustria Ancma (National Association of motorcycle accessories), underlining that the device included “important innovations, including the introduction of the urban cycle road, of the two-way cycle and the regulation of L5e approved overhead tricycles on the highway ”. Finally, Ancma stressed that “waiting to know the reasons for this decision – which is all the more surprising as the amendment had obtained, as far as we know, the favorable opinion from the Ministry of Transport – we can only appeal to the Government and to Parliament to propose these changes again in the Chamber, allowing our country to take another small but decisive step towards the mobility of the future “.

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