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Prime Minister's Office

Prime Minister’s OfficeFlash 90

Police last night (Tuesday) arrested a 31-year-old man who approached the Prime Minister’s office in Jerusalem and made threats against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah.

During a search conducted by the police, they found a plastic gun and two razor blades in the suspect’s bag.

The man was arrested, questioned and brought to the Magistrate’s Court in Jerusalem, where his detention was extended until next Sunday.

Meanwhile, police officials announced that those involved in the attack on left-wing demonstrators in Tel Aviv will soon be caught. According to estimates, the attackers have no connection to the extreme “La Familia” group.

Dvir Karib, former head of the GSS division that deals with Jewish terrorism, told 103FM radio: “I am from the ‘Protest Guard’ group, which tries to identify provocateurs in demonstrations and neutralize them by drawing the attention of the police. There are those who infiltrate demonstrations in disguise to escalate it. ”

Karib warned: “We are on the eve of a political assassination in Israel, I do not know whether of the right or the left … the next political assassination should be prevented … when the flames are so high, the lone threat must be prevented.”

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