Thousands of protesters against Netanyahu across the country


About 5,000 people are protesting at this time (Saturday) in front of the Prime Minister’s House in Jerusalem.

At the same time, more than 200 people were reported in a demonstration in front of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s private home in Caesarea, where he spent the weekend. The demonstration spread quietly and in coordination with the police, and then Netanyahu went to his official residence in Jerusalem. Since the afternoon, there have been many demonstrations at intersections and on bridges across the country. Protesters call on Netanyahu to resign, waving anti-corruption signs.

The chairman of the Movement for Quality of Government, Eliad Shraga, said: “From the center of corruption in Balfour to the center of corruption in Caesarea, the thousands of citizens who took to the streets are the clearest message that can be sent to the prime minister. Israel is in a severe economic crisis and the criminally charged prime minister spends his time trying to escape the terror instead of helping citizens who are groaning under the burden. This is not the leadership that the citizens of Israel deserve. Corrupt, tired. ”

Assaf Amdursky in an interview with Kippah, during a break last weekPhoto: Dome News

In a demonstration against Netanyahu that took place in the Gaza Envelope area, near Sderot, it was reported that one of the protesters, a 40-year-old man, was seeking treatment after being cut in the neck, and it was reported that he was suspected of stabbing. The wounded man’s condition is mild. A preliminary police investigation revealed that clashes took place between protesters and protesters.

The “Black Flags” organization behind the demonstrations against Netanyahu responded: “The defendant’s incitement leads to violence and also leads to murder – but one thing it will not do: we will not stop until the corrupt person evacuates the prime minister’s house and marches a decent person there. Netanyahu did not stop the incitement “The assassination of Rabin today is inciting against civilians, we know who we are fighting against – we will win.”

At the same time, tear gas was reportedly sprayed against demonstrators by right-wing activists in a demonstration in front of the Prime Minister’s House in Jerusalem. Minister Amir Peretz wrote on Twitter: “The right to demonstrate is a basic right granted to every citizen in the State of Israel. I call on the police to protect the demonstrators and act against the attackers quickly and resolutely. There is no room for a violent attack on demonstrators as took place tonight.”

The organizers of the demonstration in front of the Prime Minister’s House had earlier written a letter to the police, demanding that they stop using water spray sprays as a means of dispersing the demonstrations. The demand came after the publication of documentation of a water jet directly hitting the demonstrator.

The police said in response that “this is one of the most effective means of dispersing riots, a measure that has been proven effective and is used by many police around the world,” the police told Ynet: “The olive grove is a low-level measure and does not pose a danger to humans and the environment.” Necessary the friction between the police forces and the disturbances in which there is a higher potential for harm during the dispersal of the demonstrations. ”

Demonstration on a bridge in the Jezreel Valley, todayPhoto: Anat Hermoni, Flash 90

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