thousands of blocked cards. The fact


As was perhaps foreseeable, it is scandal Wirecard it has also overwhelmed Italy.

According to what has emerged in the last few hours, hundreds of thousands of debit cards issued in the Belpaese would have been locked, for a total of around 20 million euros currently frozen.

All of this, not even two weeks after the explosion of that scandal the whole of Germany embarrassed, ended up under the lens of international authorities.

Wirecard scandal in Italy, blocked cards: what happens?

About 10 days ago, the auditing firm Ernst & Young was unable to certify the balance sheet of fintech due to the disappearance of 1.9 billion euros hitherto held in the cash and cash equivalents of the German company.

The latter was overwhelmed by a real earthquake and after being accused of false accounting he admitted that the missing money may never actually exist.

Day after day the Wirecard scandal has grown rapidly and the company has been forced to initiate insolvency proceedings.

All of this, it should be noted, as corporate actions continued to dig into the bottom of the DAX, the former CEO was arrested and giants of the likes of Visa and Masterecard raised the first doubts on the matter.

According to what reported by Il Sole 24 Ore yesterday, in recent days they would have been 325,000 debit cards blocked issued by Wirecard in Italy following the stop imposed by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

SisalPay | 5 immediately undertook to return the frozen funds to its customers, but after a few hours the new specifications of the authority arrived, which changed the cards on the table:

“In the past few days, we have worked closely with Wirecard UK and other authorities to ensure that the company was able to meet certain conditions necessary to eliminate the restrictions that we had imposed on it. We are now able to allow Wirecard to resume operational activity. ”

Customers, as stated in the FCA press release, will be able to immediately return to using their cards. Those who continue to experience difficulties should instead contact their supplier directly.

Although the situation has returned to normal for customers, it is clear that the Wirecard scandal has now crossed German borders.

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