thousands of anti-government protesters on the street


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                In Bangkok, thousands of demonstrators gathered around the monument to democracy this Saturday, July 18 to demand the departure of the government.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Bangkok</em>, <strong>Carol Isoux</strong>

Rap and muscular slogans. Until nightfall, thousands of protesters, mostly under the age of 30, chanted their demands and demanded the withdrawal of the government from the army. They want democratic reforms, including a change in the Constitution.

« Brothers and sisters, the Thai people deserve democracy. It must start today, with the end of police harassment “Calls a protester.

« The monarchy must go »

The Thai government, which has successfully contained the Covid-19 epidemic, is finding it increasingly difficult to contain the anger of the people. The country is sinking into a major economic crisis due to activity restrictions and the absence of tourism, pillar of the country.

What is new in these demonstrations are certain clearly anti-monarchic slogans. ” The monarchy must go Displayed a sign held by a masked protester. This normally falls under the severe lese majesty law, which provides for 15 years in prison for any criticism of the monarchy. But the sovereign Rama X recently asked to stop using it.


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