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THL’s chief physician: Corona vaccines for Finns maybe already this year – these three vaccines are the longest – Finland


Finland is negotiating with pharmaceutical manufacturers to obtain a coronary vaccine for anyone interested.

Finns can be vaccinated against the coronavirus as early as this year, says the chief physician of the Department of Health and Welfare Hanna Nohynek.

– It is possible if the vaccine manufactured by AstraZeneca proves to be effective and if they receive a marketing authorization, Nohynek estimates for Ilta-Sanomat.

The British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is manufacturing a vaccine developed by researchers at the University of Oxford.

According to Nohynek, Finland has registered for the EU Commission’s procurement mechanism, which negotiates with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Finland wants to buy so much vaccine that all willing Finns will get it.

– The order in which people are then vaccinated has not yet been set in stone. The pandemic preparedness plan provides a good indication, but more information is needed on the protective efficacy and ability of new vaccines to prevent infections.

Finland’s chances of receiving the coronary vaccine developed in Oxford are similar to those in other EU countries, Nohynek estimates. As one of the EU member states, Finland is involved in procurement negotiations.

The Oxford vaccine is, according to Nohynek, the most advanced in its development work. The vaccine is already in the efficacy study phase in the UK, Brazil and South Africa.

– The vaccine has progressed the fastest, due to the fact that they have had Ebola vaccine, which uses similar evidence, and many other viral vaccines. The basic work has been done there, so that progress has been made very quickly.

Finns are also interested in obtaining vaccines from other manufacturers.

According to Nohynek, the corona vaccines of the US pharmaceutical manufacturers Moderna and Pfizer are also well under way.

A vaccine against corona has also been developed in China.

– There are currently 28 vaccine candidates in human clinical trials. More than 200 different vaccine candidates are known.

Among these, new types of RNA vaccines are being developed. An RNA vaccine can be prepared quickly.

In conventional vaccines, it takes time for viruses to be made against viral diseases to be grown in eggs or cell cultures.

RNA vaccines are simpler in structure. They use the genetic code of the pathogen.

– Time will tell what is the most effective and safest vaccine for any population. There may be differences in vaccines, as people’s ability to make antibodies depends on age, among other things.

Nohynek says there are many options.

The Finnish state is co-financing the work of the Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation Coalition CEPI for the development of a coronary vaccine. In addition, Finland funds the product development work of the International Institute of Vaccines IVI.

According to Nohynek, it is premature to say which vaccines will prove to be effective and safe enough to be authorized by the drug authorities.

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