This man steals Gaby’s heart and wins The Bachelorette


Although Gaby goes on a 24-hour date with both Joey and Niek during the episode, it soon becomes clear that Gaby can’t get Joey out of her head. The spark between them already flashed on their first date. During the final they redo the romantic day again and Joey throws all his feelings on the table. “I can say that I am really in love with you,” he confesses.

Joey delivers butterflies to her belly from the first meeting, while she later developed a feeling for Niek. “Shouldn’t I have given him more chances?” she therefore wonders. The influencer therefore faces a difficult choice: does she go for Niek, who fits perfectly in her life? Or does she follow her heart and choose Joey?

When the moment arrives, Gaby is shaking with all emotion. Whatever she decides, she must disappoint one of the two, and that hurts her terribly. Still, she cannot ignore her feelings for Joey. She therefore wants to leave South Africa with him. “What I feel for you: I have not felt that for anyone for a long time…. All my life I jump into the deep and now I do it again.”

“I have experienced many things in my life, but this is the most special. To be able to find love in this way,” says a loving Joey. “This means a lot to me, how you have opened up to me. I am happy in front of you and I get a smile on my face. ”

Niek takes it sporty. “It is what it is. I am terribly sorry, I would have liked to show you so much more of myself. … I wish you the very best and accept it as a man.”

Whether Joey and Gaby are still together? We see that in the last episode of De Bachelorette, next week.

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