This copy of Super Mario is the most expensive video game ever sold


In jargon they define themselves as “mint”, a term by which those objects are indicated – they can be books, comics, devices or other – characterized by a state of conservation so optimal that they seem to have just left the factory. Although they actually have tens of years on their shoulders. These are collectibles that have enormous value on the market, as demonstrated by the copy of Super Mario Bros. sold at a dizzying amount: $ 114,000, the price that made it the most expensive video game ever sold in history.

The copy of Super Mario sold at record numbers is considered to be in a “mint” state of conservation with a score of 9.4: it is practically like new, even if the video game is actually released in the 1985. It is really rare to find objects so old but so well preserved, because it is inevitable that, even if you treat the box well, some sign of time can ruin some part of the object. A small crease, a scratch on the transparent film or a millimeter of missing paint and the product is no longer “mint”. And the value drops. To make it even more complex is the need to keep the objects in their original box never opened, complete with a transparent film.

The copy of Super Mario sold at Heritage Auctions for $ 114,000 belongs to this category: it is practically perfect, as if it had just left the factory. The previous record for the sale of a video game always belonged to Super Mario: last year another copy of the title was sold to $ 100,150. The one sold recently is also a particular version of the American edition of the video game produced only for a few months and characterized by a hook (later removed) to hang the box on the display of the shops, an element that has made it even more sought after.

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