they haven’t spoken in two months


NEW YORK – The President of the United States and the main virologist of the coronavirus task force have not spoken for two months. Donald Trump e Anthony Fauci on the contrary, they launch arrows, and the souring of their relationship has become one of the most disturbing gossip of this pandemic summer.

Anthony Fauci has directed the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. He has been an adviser to all American presidents since Ronald Reagan, and is very popular with American public opinion, respected and listened to.

And at the beginning of the epidemic, Trump also seemed to listen to him deferentially. But then slowly the interests of the president, determined to restart the economy and against prolonging the lockdown, collided with the virologist’s scientific approach. And after a series of signs, which could also be mistaken for mere brotherhoods, we have now come to an open challenge.

The president claims that the virus is not as dangerous “because 99 percent of those affected recover”, Fauci replies that “he does not understand where he got the data from, which does not correspond to the truth”. The president says that the country “is at a good point in the fight against the virus”, Fauci replies that instead “it is immersed to the knees in the crisis”. The president wants to reopen the schools and threatens to withhold funds from the school departments that will disobey, Fauci warns that “you risk a perfect storm”.

The virologist is no longer seen in the main TV channels, because the White House has vetoed major interviews. But he was allowed to do interviews on the radio, or with some foreign newspapers, such as the Financial Times. And it was precisely to the British economic newspaper that he revealed that he had not brefed the President for two months, and that he had only briefly seen him once on June 2.

Trump also recently accused Fauci of “making many mistakes, many mistakes!” For example, he accused him of not having supported the ban on flights from China, and of having denied that the masks served to protect the public. In reality, as it is easy to see by going back to the pages of last January, Fauci strongly supported the ban on flights from China imposed by Trump. As for the masks, it is true that at the beginning, like all the other experts here in the USA, he said that they were not needed, and then changed position a couple of months later.

Trump’s discontent with him appears to have exploded in April, after an interview with CNN in which Fauci admitted that if after the ban on flights from China in January, the government had done more than ignore the looming threat, ” thousands of lives could have been saved. ” After that interview, Fauci was seen less and less at the Task Force briefings led by Vice President Mike Pence. Someone insinuates that Trump would like to fire him, but he cannot do it because he is much more popular than he is. What he can do, however, is to diminish his public appearances, and slowly marginalize him.

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