they enter the condominium garages, the caretaker discovers them and they shoot


“They’re shooting in condominium garages, run, run.” This is the report received by the police on the evening of Saturday 4 July. The alarm in via Baffigo, Ostia Nuova area. Here, on the spot, the police found 4 cartridges, attributable to a dog-chasing gun. From here, therefore, the veracity of the report, the attempt to reconstruct what happened.

According to what was ascertained by the men of the Ostia police station, four young people entered the open-air condominium garages. The caretaker would discover them and invite them to leave. From there the discussion, degenerated up to the shots that fortunately did not cause any injuries.

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The four then fled, not before taking the man’s cell phone away. The agents of the Ostia police station investigate the case.

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