“They are heroes!”


From her Grenoble apartment, Souhaila filmed the rescue by residents of her neighborhood of two children who had to jump from the third floor to escape a fire. At the microphone of Europe 1 she tells a terrifying moment, and the courage of those she considers “heroes”.

“People who do not hesitate to make such gestures, they are heroes.” From the window of her Grenoble apartment, Souhaila filmed images that will certainly mark her for life: the incredible rescue of two children, 3 and 10 years old, who had to jump from the third floor to escape a fire on Tuesday. “I heard the cries of children, adults, and I went to the window. I saw that the apartment had caught fire,” she tells the microphone of Europe 1.

This is where Souhaila becomes aware of the scene unfolding before her eyes: an apartment in the building opposite is on fire, and from the thick black smoke that emerges we can distinguish two children, two brothers. The tallest then hangs his younger brother in the air, more than 10 meters above the ground, while residents have gathered at the bottom to retrieve him by force of arms. A hesitation, screams, and he lets go. The locals manage to catch the 3-year-old brother, bending under his weight.

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