“There will be massive investments in the rail sector”, promises Barbara Pompili


“There will be massive investments in the rail sector”, promised Barbara Pompili, Minister of Ecological Transition, Thursday July 23 on France Inter. “This will be part of what we got on the (European) recovery plan”, explained the minister without giving yet a figure. “On the recovery plan, in all, we will have 30 billion. And in the 30 billion, we are in the process of arbitrating, so for the moment I have no figure, but there will be investments massive on the railway “, she assured.

The Minister for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, has already announced that the state will help “to the tune of several billion euros” SNCF, whose shortfall has amounted to some 5 billion euros since last December. For Barbara Pompili, “everyday lines” on which “we were very late” must be the priority. “My Paris-Amiens line, for example, has a huge delay in repairs, which means that the trains go slower, that it is less comfortable, that there are a lot of trains that are canceled, etc. “, pointed out the former member of the Somme.

There, this recovery plan will be the opportunity to renovate these lines and it will be very heavy investments.

Barbara Pompili, Minister for the Ecological Transition

on France Inter

And “now is the time to do it”, car “we are in a period where we have opportunities because of this Covid crisis which has brought its share of misfortunes but which gives us enormous possibilities to invest in things on which we were behind”, she said, also citing the night trains. Barbara Pompili assured that there would also be “a freight plan”, without further details.

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