There are all conditions for equity markets to continue to rise


After a strong momentum explosion, the first reaction is to lateralise for a few days and then start again in the direction of the main trend to which prices are pointing.

On Thursday, the markets after a lateral phase of several groups pointed decisively upwards. Yesterday, however, they retraced.

What can we say in light of the weekly closings? There are all the conditions to keep the stock markets going up and now we are going to define the main points of this statement.

From the point of view of statistical recurrences until July 2021 between ups and downs, one should not witness the formation of dangerous swings.

Fractal year forecasts up to 2022 for world stock exchanges


Anticipated fractal of the American stock markets as obtained considering the PdB cycle.

This is a sample path that will be validated from time to time at the weekly and then monthly closings.

We summarize the ideal long-term positions to be kept on the markets today:

between 16 and 23 March, on the basis of probability calculations weighted on historical series since 1898, those prices of the world stock exchanges (diversified according to geographic areas and GDP: 50% America, 30% Europe, 20% Asia and emerging countries) went bought for 36/60 months. The probability was that the pre-crisis peaks were reached precisely in this temporal area.

On some American equity indices see Nasdaq, we are well beyond those pre-crisis peaks and all the others have recovered well over 40% from those levels.

What are the levels that will be monitored next week?

Weekly closings below the following levels

Dax Future


Eurostoxx Future


Ftse Mib future


S&P 500


And in the three term, or 173 days?

There are all conditions for equity markets to continue to rise

Daily closings shorter than

Dax Future


Eurostoxx Future


Ftse Mib future


S&P 500


Which investment strategy to apply?

Maintain long and short term positions and let profits run.

We will update in the coming days.

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