Theme of the day: Is Cristiano Ronaldo a problem?


The life of the champion, at times, can be complicated. If, on the one hand, there is a horde of people who venerate the champions as a half-god, on the other there are those who, torn by envy, wait for nothing more than the moment when they fall from the throne , so that we can celebrate on their misfortunes. CR7 is always news. If he buys a half-million-euro watch, he gets slammed into the “front page”. If he misses or scores a penalty, he is repaid “on the front page”. Its existence is a continuous entering and leaving of a film set called reality. I am not surprised that when he goes on vacation, he decides to darken the world and not let him enter his harem of peace. Lately CR7 is under the magnifying glass for “tactical / sporting question”. Many, albeit shyly (given that, numbers in hand, remains a man of 30 goals per season), are embracing the thesis according to which the problem of Juventus would be him, the five-time Portuguese Golden Ball. The difficulties of the game, the attack that goes intermittently, even the market choices are linked to the cumbersome presence of CR7. The strongest I have heard: “Sarri cannot make his game understand because CR7 does not listen to him” … A serious and, above all, objective reflection is urgent. Let’s go step by step. That Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer that of 5/10 years ago is evident. A true football essay like Fabio Capello stressed that it is more difficult for man to jump. True, but as a great champion he is, he has improved enormously in the scoring area, as confirmed by the item “goals scored”. It has evolved. Comparison with basketball to understand each other: Michael Jordan, at 25 years old, attacked the basket with burr on his mouth and surpassed every opponent jokingly. At 35 years of age, he sidetracked penetrations and relied on perimeter shooting. Like CR7, MJ has evolved, listening to the needs of his body. Those who thought they were seeing the CR7 in Manchester or the early years in Madrid in Turin do not understand football. Point. Second argument. Playing with and alongside CR7 is not easy. Many testimonials from Spanish colleagues who have always shown me how frustrating it can be to be “at the service” of the Portuguese. Remember a classic number 9 that shone with its own light in a CR7 team? It lasts … And yet, even with people like Benzema or Rooney around him, he has won always and everywhere. Translated: you win with CR7 and not with CR7 and a classic number nine alongside … Said with more softness: CR7 does not need a N. 9 at Icardi to win (luckily Juventus did not buy good Maurito). Third and final consideration: when CR7 retires, we can all rejoice that we have seen him play in Serie A, in Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo will be remembered as one of the five strongest players in football history (my personal list? Maradona, Pele, Cruyff, Messi and CR7, in random order). Do we really want to question one of the Top Five in the history of football? I want to be brutal: I prefer to change coach, change half team but I keep my CR7 and I enjoy it with all its strengths (many) and flaws (few). That also becomes a problem but, in the end, the champion always stands out … Who agrees with me, raise your hand or, given the social era, let me know … Even those who do not agree, we are (still ) in a free country …


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