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The Yemeni army forces, backed by tribes and coalition fighters, thwarted infiltration attempts by Houthi militia members on the fronts of the vicinity of the capital, Sanaa, and incurred heavy losses among them prominent leaders, while the northern Dali fronts witnessed battles between the joint forces and militias, while the joint forces failed to smuggle weapons to the Houthis, and an attempt to infiltrate Towards Hayes District.

In the details, the army forces, backed by the Arab coalition, foiled the evening of the day before yesterday, an attempt to infiltrate the Houthi militia in the Naham front, northeast of the capital, Sanaa, which resulted in the death and injury of dozens of Houthi elements.

And the Yemeni army website quoted, according to a military source, that “the army forces confronted Houthi groups, which tried to infiltrate a military site in the mountains of Salb in the Directorate of Neham, and this resulted in the death and injury of dozens of militias.”

He pointed out that the army forces had inflicted heavy human and material losses on the militia groups, while the coalition fighters destroyed Houthi positions and destroyed mechanisms and reinforcements that were on their way to support the militias.

In Marib, many Houthi elements were killed, and others were injured, yesterday, in six raids of coalition fighters, targeting their locations in the Magzar district of the governorate.

The coalition fighters also bombed a series of raids Houthi positions and reinforcements, in the district of Razih border with Saudi Arabia, which belongs to the province of Saada, which led to the destruction of vehicles, and the killing and wounding of a number of Houthi elements.

In Al-Jawf, the Houthi field leader, Mortada Naji Al-Hardi, nicknamed “Abu Hussein”, was killed along with a number of his members with an ambush for the army and tribes erected in the east of Al-Hazm city.

In al-Bayda, Commander of the 117th Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Ahmed Hussein al-Naqh, confirmed that the army and tribes had managed to inflict heavy human and material losses on the militias, equal to the losses they had suffered on various fronts of the fighting during the past period. And the location of the army was quoted by Brigadier Al-Naqh, that the army forces have a complete map of the militia’s locations and their movement in Al-Bayda, which made it easier for the army and the tribes to target them with the support of the coalition fighters, which led to the death and injury of dozens of their members, including prominent field leaders.

He pointed out that the army forces have an accurate knowledge of the militia’s weaknesses, stressing its success in carrying out quality and successful ambushes and solicitation operations, which caused great and heavy human and material losses to the Houthis in terms of life and equipment.

In Al-Dhalea, a prominent Houthi leader was killed along with a number of his companions in confrontations with the joint forces in the northern fronts of the governorate, the day before yesterday, according to a military source, noting that Houthi leader Muhammad Yahya Al-Wazir was killed along with a number of his elements during the confrontations that The front door saw a lock.

The fronts of the door to close and the west of the Al-Sathil house witnessed, on Thursday evening and yesterday dawn, violent confrontations between the joint forces and the Houthi militia, which led to the liberation of several sites, and also left dead and wounded among the Houthis, including the leader Abdul Basit Mohammed Al-Murtada. The source pointed out that the Houthi groups escaped from the fronts of al-Dhalea, leaving behind their dead and weapons, in an incident of the first of its kind that the fighter leaves his weapon and fleeing what indicates the extent of terror and fear among the Houthi elements, who are mobilized among the civilians, who do not have any experience on the side Combat.

In Lahj, the Houthi militia bombed the Dibba region in the Qubayta Directorate with heavy artillery, killing a woman and a child, and wounding another woman, according to local sources, noting that the militia has shelled the area indiscriminately, a civilian area where there is no camp or site for the Yemeni army .

On the western coast fronts, the Coast Guard forces managed the Red Sea sector, on Thursday evening, to thwart an attempt to smuggle weapons to the Houthi militia across the sea, in the fourth operation of its kind in a month.

The General Manager of the Coast Guard, Red Sea Sector, Colonel Abd al-Jabbar al-Zahzouh, told a press statement that the naval patrols, Bab al-Mandab center, were suspected of a boat, and that he was intercepted and pulled with his crew to a safe area, and that large quantities of weapons and ammunition were found on board. Meanwhile, Houthi militias continued their breaches of the United Nations armistice, and yesterday bombed residential neighborhoods in Khamseen Street, College of Engineering neighborhood, Youth City, Ninety Street, and several areas in Al Hudaydah city with various types of weapons.

The mountainous area of ​​Al-Tahita district was also bombed, resulting in the death of a civilian, and injuries to others, as shells landed on their homes in the area.

In addition, yesterday morning, the joint forces thwarted an attempt to infiltrate the Houthi militia towards the Hays district from the western side and suffered huge losses, according to the media pillar of the 11th Brigade, Majed Abdullah, indicating that the brigade forces led by Mustafa Dubleh managed to thwart an infiltration attempt for the Houthi elements, Towards the Bani Zuhair people, northwest of the Beit Maghari area, and suffered heavy losses.

Abdullah said to «Emirates Today» that the militias have failed, during the past months, to achieve any of their goals in cutting the supply routes between south and north of Hodeidah, by launching attacks and implementing attempts to infiltrate on a daily basis towards the areas along the road linking Mokha And the city of Hodeidah.

He explained that the joint forces, represented by the 11th Brigade of the Giants led by Dubleh, managed during the past days to foil infiltration attempts, and carry out mine laying operations for Houthi elements in northwestern Hays, and cleared several sites and farms towards the Al-Udeen triangle, and also carried out insurance operations for dirt roads used by civilians in Movement between the districts.

26 new cases of “corona” in Yemen

In Yemen, the Supreme National Committee to Face the Corona Epidemic recorded 26 new cases, and five deaths were recorded, in addition to one recovery case.

The committee, in a statement on Twitter, indicated that confirmed cases in Yemen rose to 1552, of which 438 deaths, and 695 cases of recovery. Aden ■ Emirates today

– Coalition fighters bombed with a series of raids, Houthi positions in the border district of Razih with Saudi Arabia.

Houthi militias continue to violate the UN armistice and bombard several areas in Hodeidah with various types of weapons.

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