The World Bank will provide $ 30 million in aid to Palestinians – News in the World


The World Bank has approved a $ 30 million grant for ‘financial relief’ and for the creation of short-term employment opportunities for Palestinian populations affected by the corona crisis.

“The corona plague is an unprecedented challenge with severe socio-economic implications for the Palestinian economy which is also struggling to survive,” said Kenneth Shenkar, regional director of the World Bank in the PA and Gaza.

“Social protection is becoming a top priority for the World Bank in the context of rising poverty and job loss. The new project aims to reduce the impact of harm to workers and households by protecting income and creating employment alternatives for the unemployed.”

The World Bank claims that close to 90,000 households in the PA have fallen below the poverty line following the crisis.

The Bank further notes that the financial situation of the Authority is so difficult that it has not transferred its share of joint plans with the Bank since the beginning of 2020.

The World Bank has refused to comment on how they guarantee the fact that the money will not reach aid organizations that serve as covers for terrorist organizations.

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