The week begins: You take to heart!



You wake up in the morning with the feeling that you have a real line for the world. Despite your determination and eagerness, the reactions from the environment are quite cool, which is quite nerve-wracking. Instead of getting angry at the whole world, you better concentrate on yourself.


You quarrel with a close person who reveals a very unsympathetic side to his personality. There is no need for you to repeatedly try to prove your righteousness. Wait a bit and you will see that the whole thing will be forgotten. You take to heart too many things that others do not dwell on at all.


It is a day characterized by uncertainty and a sign of uncertainty. The messages you receive and convey are not clear enough so it is also difficult for you to decide what you want to do. On the one hand you are looking for peace.


You do not have too much patience for people. Your behavior is spontaneous and changes frequently, which causes confusion in those close to you. You want to go wild and it is good that the horizon is pink and allows you to fulfill these desires.


In the romantic realm, one way or another, if you penetrate deep into the twists and turns of the sensitive and intimate realm, love will naturally grow out of you. The possibility of a new partnership comes up. Do not be in a hurry to commit, although you should consider positively the offers that come to you.


The longing for adventure can lead you to crazy situations out of place and at the right time. You may find yourself behaving with a misplaced obsession. The chances of success are not high because your choices are mainly influenced by emotional rather than irrational considerations.


Your distraction and lack of concentration cause you to make some serious mistakes. Close friends offer you a joint activity but you hesitate and hesitate. Your behavior is interpreted by others as evasion. It is advisable that you express your firm opinion.


Your involvement in a matter related to others, implies that you tend to interfere in matters not yours and only get involved instead of helping. Maybe it’s time to learn a lesson? Move to the agenda. At this point there is nothing to do. Fairness is a blessed phenomenon.


It seems to you that you are not really understood and because the anger arises you also have no desire to explain. You should check with yourself if your motives are ‘free’ from foreign considerations. Give your spouse the same treatment you get.


You suffer from workload. You do not really feel like sitting in the office all day, but on the other hand, the mountains of paperwork force you to work. To get the sting out of this oppressive day we planned something nice for the evening.


Freedom of expression is very important to you but sometimes you just do not know where to stop. At work you get reinforcements but it does not really improve the mood. Do not look for reasons for something you do not want to do.


Substantial change in office should be seriously considered. Role swapping is also possible. In the personal realm you have to deal with a lack of trust that comes from someone close to you. Before you get into a quarrel and a defensive stance you should check the root of the problem.

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