The weather forecast for tomorrow Monday 13 July


The week opens with the cooler climate in the North – with an overcast or cloudy sky, even with some rain on the hills -, slightly cloudy elsewhere except more clouds over northern Sardinia. The winds will blow from North-North East. This is the picture foreseen by the meteorologists of


The sky in the North according to forecasts will often be very cloudy or overcast in the morning. Rains, generally of low intensity, on the central-western hills will be likely. In the afternoon there will be more sun, especially in the plains. Temperatures are estimated below the seasonal average of 4-5 ° C in all regions.

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Center and Sardinia

Dry weather conditions, but often very cloudy or locally covered on northern Sardinia and on the coasts of Lazio. Isolated afternoon rain showers on the Sardinian hills. For the rest, cloudy sky. Temperatures with maximum values ​​not over 25 ° C on the Adriatic coast, around 30 ° C in Sardinia and on the Tyrrhenian regions.

South and Sicily

Overall, good weather conditions are expected with the sky appearing to be clear or cloudy over all regions, except for greater cloud cover on the Apennines and the Campania coast, but without associated phenomena. As for temperatures, a warm and pleasant climate is expected in all regions.

July 12, 2020 (change July 12, 2020 | 5:06 PM)


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