The war on the virus: The parking lot at the hospital will be converted into an inpatient ward


The Ministry of Health and the Shamir Medical Center have agreed to begin work on converting the hospital parking lot to an inpatient ward that will include about 150 beds. • The cost of the conversion is estimated at NIS 26 million, and it is expected to be completed as early as October • According to the program director: To provide an emergency response “

The management of the Ministry of Health and the Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh), headed by Dr. Osnat Levzion-Korach, have agreed to convert the protected part of the underground parking lot at the entrance to the hospital to a 150-bed emergency floor for emergency medical care. This is Corona’s patients.The Shamir Medical Center is the fourth largest government hospital in Israel with about 900 hospital beds for the benefit of a population of about one million people in the central and lowland area.

The cost of converting the underground parking lot to emergency hospitalization is estimated at NIS 26 million and includes, among other things, electrical infrastructure, installation of mobile supply lines, communication systems, air conditioning systems, adjustment of sanitation and water system and environmental improvements related to emergency access and day-to-day operations.

Simulation of the plan \ Photo: Sharon Architects – Arad Sharon, Sharon Gur Zeev

Simulation of the plan \ Photo: Sharon Architects – Arad Sharon, Sharon Gur Zeev

The plan is after the planning and the execution tenders have already been closed and this week the work in the field will begin. Completion of the project is expected to be completed in October and the medical center will be able to respond in an emergency, crisis or epidemic.

“I am glad that the Ministry of Health has found it appropriate to approve and complete the conversion of the lower floor in our parking lot for emergency hospitalization,” Dr. Osnat told Lezion Korach, director of the Shamir Medical Center, adding: “This is a real line for the hospital that serves over a million people. We are at the heart of a campaign against the corona, and must be prepared for a further increase in morbidity and especially before the coming winter. An additional 150 hospital beds will allow for readiness when needed, and we have also been vaccinated. ”

Ilan Yiftach, Administrative Director of the Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh), added, “We are already in advanced stages and work has begun on the parking lot. We anticipate that the parking lot will be ready for hospitalization and reception as needed as early as October.” “Safely even in a situation where there is a security or epidemic event. This is a project of national importance while providing an emergency response and protected beds, which will serve the population in the vicinity of the medical center.”

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