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Good morning America! US elections: voting by correspondence, mail – in – ballots

US elections: from the Twitter account @realDonaldTrump, the President shouts to the international conspiracy and alleged interference with the mail – in – ballots, the vote by correspondence. According to Trump it will be a disastrous and manipulated election, which because of this absurd voting system “will decree the end of the great Republican party“.

William Barr, his Attorney General, in a recent interview with Fox News, going in support of Tycoon’s statements said that: “Large-scale mail voting absolutely opens the door to fraud“. Too bad that Barr seems to have forgotten that this same voting method was the one he used to vote in 2012 and 2016.

In an incandescent and not paradoxical climate, the United States is preparing for the vote on 3 November. In 34 U.S. states and in the capital Washington D.C. it is already allowed to vote by post and without having to give any reason, the so-called “no-excuse absentee ballot“. In Colorado, California, Utah, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii it is even the main method. In the remaining 16 states that made this voting possible only if justified for valid reasons, they reduced the limitations due to the pandemic. More generally, the challenge is to reach the largest number of voters and thus extend participation, which historically has always recorded low percentages of turnout compared to the demographic ranking.

Even the non-profit When we all vote, launched in 2018 by Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Selena Gomez, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monae, Chris Paul, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, is moving to promote the culture of voting and increase participation in elections, bridge the gap of vote by age and ethnicity. We read on the organization’s website that in the months immediately preceding the elections of midtermWhen We All Vote organized 2,500 voter registration events across the country, involving 200 million Americans online about the importance of voting.

Despite the awareness campaigns for voting among those entitled, however, the dispute between Democrats and Republicans remains on, the former would be fighting to widen the reach of the mail-in-ballots as much as possible, the latter would be hindering it , because according to Trump very risky and fraudulent. The estimates reported by sector studies and highly quoted Institutes reveal negligible percentages of cases in which double marks were recorded, preferences expressed in place of deceased persons and therefore fraud in the vote. In fact, with the necessary measures, it is considered a rather safe voting method and that would increase the base of the voters, also considering the opportunity to avoid gatherings in the seats given the persistence of the coronavirus.

One figure to consider concerns some republican states and especially the conservative ones in the south, where in order to be able to express their preference it is necessary to register on the electoral roll before voting and pay a registration fee. In some cases, many citizens lose the opportunity to vote, because they are canceled from the electoral rolls for not having responded to the letters sent by the electoral commission. It seems evident that these measures make access to voters belonging to the weaker sections of the population, the poorer classes, more difficult. And in any case, the Republican vetoes on voting by post also derive from the fact that the voting trend for most African Americans is in favor of the democratic frontrunner, Joe Biden. In fact, it seems from the polls of the last few days that the Dem candidate is given an advantage in the States usually in the balance, the “battleground States‚ÄĚSuch as Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona and Florida.

The political chessboard of Mr. Trump

The President, under the slogans of America First is Make America Great Again, is carrying out his personal communication campaign with tweets and moving his pawns.

If, on the one hand, he medically disputes the vote by correspondence “The Postal Service is a joke” and believes the media has gone mad, on the other he gets safe and moves his bishop, Louis DeJoy, placing him at the helm of the American postal agency, in crisis for years.

The Guardian lists DeJoy among President Trump’s financial backers and longtime Republican donor, highlighting Democrats’ concerns about DeJoy being appointed as Postmaster General and the alleged politicization of the agency.

Mark Dimondstein himself, president of the American Postal Workers Union, which represents over 200,000 employees, said the Trump administration is “shamefully trying to use the crisis to carry out a privatization and sell-off of the postal service “.

Who will decide who the White House tenant will be?

In America there is an indirect electoral system according to which citizens going to the polls will choose the 538 great voters who will support the candidate for president. It is mostly a voting system majoritarian, except in Maine and Nebraska, where the election of the presidential electors takes place with the proportional method.

The number of large voters assigned by each state is established in proportion to the inhabitants, with the most populous having a greater weight on the outcome of the elections, than those with less inhabitants: the most influential are California, Texas, New York and Florida.

The great voters will thus form the United States House of Representatives and the Senate, respectively divided into 435 deputies and 100 senators (2 senators for each state), in addition to the three representatives of the District of Columbia, where the capital Washington is located.

The two chambers go to make up the Congress of the United States of America.

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