«The virus runs thanks to even asymptomatic diffusers»


«In this pandemic the role of super diffusers (even asymptomatic) seems increasingly evident which makes it easier for the virus to remain and for its circulation “. This was interviewed by Corriere della Sera, the head of the Infectious Diseases III department of the Sacco Hospital in Milan, Massimo Galli, in the face of the continuous growth throughout the world of coronavirus infections.

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On the closure of flights from some countries, he says that «it was an almost due act, because we have to be careful of returning infections. The problem persists worldwide, a little less in Europe ». Is Italy less at risk? “The virus also circulates here – he notes – but it is more difficult for the infection to reach the people most at risk because they are more careful”. Galli is convinced “that the situation of February cannot be reproduced, even if the evident limits of territorial medicine have not been resolved”, and for autumn, when “it will be fatal to have a series of infections of the upper respiratory tract”, what according to the chief of the Sacco is a “mass vaccination” against the flu, to “prevent hospitals from clogging up with complications from the flu. It seems to me, however, that not all the Regions are moving in time ».

Galli remains convinced that the best weapon against the Covid-19 epidemic is “a serious lockdown” which is “the weapon of greatest sacrifice but of sure efficacy, the point is not to get there”. For Galli there could be something more terrible than the coronavirus pandemic, “an influenza virus than the ‘right’ that” could cause much more trouble. This pandemic was certainly a lesson, which I hope will not be forgotten, “he concludes. Last updated: 09:40 © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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