The US government wants to act even stricter in Portland


That’s what the Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, said. According to him, it cannot be tolerated that federal security agents are attacked and injured night after night.

‘Completely out of control’

It is an eyesore for Wolf that things keep getting out of hand in Portland. According to him, the city is ‘completely out of control at certain hours at night’.

Since the violent death of African American George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer, it has been troubled in many places in the US. In Portland, the protest also targets the federal troops deployed by President Donald Trump against the will of the local government.


Trump blames Democratic city officials for not getting a hold of the violence and crimes on the ground. Critics of the president, however, claim that he mainly uses the paramilitary forces in the cities to profile himself for the upcoming elections as the president of law-and-order. That he makes enemies in the cities with this would not bother him because they do not vote for him there.

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