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A winning Inter from the start, important demands above all. It does not go back an inch Antonio Conte in planning for the future, this is behind his statements on the “evaluations” that he will have to do at the end of the season as the Nerazzurri club. Lined up on purchases and the rose revolution demanded by ConteThis is the hope of Antonio and of Inter that has no intention today of thinking of an exemption, a removal or in any case yet another turnaround on the bench. But there will still be discussion on names, ideas and future planning.THE TRUTH ABOUT ALLEGRI – For this reason, we need to be ready in case of surprises, even though Conte is the total priority for the Inter project also in 2020/2021. Massimiliano Allegri is the name that Inter Milan takes into consideration if Antonio arrives at breakage: already winning in Italy and free from the contract with Juventus, Allegri has a strong relationship with Beppe Marotta which would allow a fast lane. At the moment the solution is one and only hypothetical, there were no contacts of any kind or dialogues started. Simply, a plan B in the head of the Nerazzurri leadership only if Conte came to tear. Today there is to play, tomorrow to be confronted to go forward together. In the worst case scenario, Allegri would emerge. Which is in the sights of the Borussia Dortmund for some time but without taking off in contacts.

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