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The treatment of Portland protesters has been prosecuted against the federal government – Abroad


The state attorney general is seeking a restraining order for federal forces to end the disputed arrests.

In the United States, a federal lawsuit has been filed for the treatment of protesters in the city of Portland, says BBC.

Minister of Justice of the State of Oregon Ellen Rosenblum applies to the federal authorities for a restraining order against the protesters. According to Rosenblum, troops have illegally detained protesters, including by arresting them in unidentified cars. The restraining order would prevent the troops from making any more arrests.

The Portland authorities have previously called for a president Donald Trumpin administration to withdraw troops from the city.

Federal forces have been told to drive unidentified cars and capture protesters without explanation. Protesters have been arrested in this way since at least Tuesday.

It has also been seen to use tear gas and shoot rubber bullets at protesters.

Federal representatives have argued that their actions are legal and necessary to appease the long-running unrest in the city.

The city of Portland has been shown the view for more than 50 days in the tube after being black George Floyd died in Minneapolis at the hands of police in late May.

NOW: The troops have no training for the demonstrations

The civil rights organization ACLU has also filed a lawsuit against the federal government, the state broadcaster says. Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB).

The OPB says the state prosecutor may intend to prosecute in a case where the protester was seriously injured after being hit in the head with a rubber bullet. A criminal investigation is underway.

New York Times according to, federal forces sent to Portland have no training in managing major demonstrations and unrest. The Trump administration warned on Thursday in an internal memo.

Troops have been sent to the city from various federal agencies. According to the New York Times, Portland has, among other things, a Border Guard task force that normally investigates drug trafficking.

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