The transfer of the tax credit becomes a boomerang


The transfer of the tax credit becomes a boomerang for the 110% super eco-bonus. The measure allows you to transform the deduction into a tax credit to be transferred to third parties or to the company that physically performs the work of energy efficiency. The theme is particular, better to analyze the various implications that we often don’t know.

Do the system without spending a euro

The system is free there is no doubt but you have to be careful of details. We must not fall into dangerous scams that are always around the corner. The owner of the property must evaluate carefully before signing under the contract. The basic error lies in believing that the system is free. All that glitters is not gold.

What could happen

We focus the attention between “not paying the jobs” and “paying them with the tax credit” The homeowner pays materially because the tax credit he is entitled to if he acquires another. But if the Revenue Agency disputes the expenditure after a few years what happens? Here are pains for you and certainly not for the company that obtained the tax credit.

The Revenue Agency demands the deduction and credit from you as well as penalties and interest.

The assignment of the tax credit becomes a boomerang at this point

The company does the work as per the agreements, takes over the customer’s tax credit and is relieved of any subsequent action by the supervisory bodies. To avoid ending up in this trap, better rely on serious companies. Has the company overestimated the work that needs to be done? The owner of the property risks directly. It is convenient for the company to inflate the jobs because the advantage is to recover more tax credit. The company has zero risk.

The Revenue Agency complains to the owner of the property about the size or type of work performed. At the same time, the tax credit is denied and the Revenue Agency starts the procedure for the recovery of the amounts.

How to avoid scams

The super eco-bonus of 110% it’s an opportunity but you have to be careful not to end up in the wrong hands.

Two actions to do to keep your shoulders covered with unpleasant surprises. First have inspections carried out to check if the home has the necessary requirements. Only after starting the negotiation on the price of the work. It is not convenient to inflate, in this specific case lupon assignment of the tax credit it becomes a boomerang.

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